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If the values of one set of data increases and the values...Complete information about the trend, definition of an trend, examples of an trend, step by step solution of problems involving trend. Also answering questions like,


Definition of a Trend Line. A trend line, often referred to as a line of best fit, is a line that is used to represent the behavior of a set of data to determine if there is a certain pattern.A ...


A trend in mathematics is a pattern in a set of data points. Knowing the trend allows outcomes to be predicted by a mathematical model. Estimating the trend of data requires a technique known as regression or curve fitting.


Illustrated definition of Trend Line: A line on a graph showing the general direction that a group of points seem to follow.


Define trends. trends synonyms, trends pronunciation, trends translation, English dictionary definition of trends. n. 1. A general tendency or course of events: a warming trend. See Synonyms at tendency. 2. Current style; vogue: the latest trend in fashion. 3.


Definition of trend: A pattern of gradual change in a condition, output, or process, or an average or general tendency of a series of data points to move in a certain direction over time, represented by a line or curve on ...


What is the math term to the definition survey? Well, the definition of survey is a method used and collects data. . share with friends. Share to: ... A trend is a math term. It is on a line graph.


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the downward trend of the stock market Digital technology is the latest trend in television. There is a disturbing trend toward obesity in children. Verb. during the winter our school system trends toward canceling school at the drop of a hat—or at least a snowflake the river trends east, then west again, forming an oxbow


About This Quiz & Worksheet. Trend lines can make the relationship between scattered data points clear. Questions in this quiz will ask you about why trend lines are used and what they are called.