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The model of weed trimmer used determines the length of the trimmer line; for example, 10 feet of line is suitable for a traditional bump head trimmer, while 30 feet of line is optimal for a Craftsman electric model. Some trimmers require pre-cut replacement lines. Consult the owner's manual to dete


Some highly rated tree trimmers as of September 2015 include the extendable tree pruning stick pruner and the power-lever tree pruner by Fiskars, Planted Perfect's professional pruning shears and the ratcheting extendable bypass lopper by ML Tools. Fiskars' PowerGear bypass lopper also received prai


Top Ten Reviews lists the Craftsman Weedwacker model 41ADZ46C799 as the best grass trimmer as of 2015. This model possesses an effective four-cycle motor and several useful attachments.


Before replacing trimmer line, prepare the line by cutting between 10 and 25 feet off its length before installing it. Trimmers and weed eaters that have use two spools of lines require that lengths be cut off each spool. Pay close attention to any marks or arrows on the trimmer, as this indicates h


When replacing a trimmer head, be sure to follow all instructions in the manual. Pay close attention to anything that requires measurement in order to avoid making mistakes.


A trimmer cap is a piece of plastic that fits onto a grass trimmer to protect the trimmer's spool line. These caps usually come provided with the grass trimmer, but can also be purchased separately as replacement items.


The Oster Classic 76 is the top-rated heavy duty professional hair trimmer of 2015, according to BestReviews.com. For lighter trimmers, BuzzCutGuide.com recommends the Oster Model 10, as of 2015.


A weed trimmer is made up of a motor, a trimming head, and a shaft that often contains electrical wires and is attached to the handle. A monofilament line, similar to fishing line, does the actual trimming.


A four-cycle gas-powered trimmer is easier to start, quieter, better for the environment and more efficient than a two-cycle trimmer, according to This Old House. A four-cycle trimmer is also a better choice for large areas with a lot of brush to cut.


The top performing nose-hair trimmer, according to a June 2014 Consumer Search report, is the Panasonic ER-GN30-K, with an estimated retail value of $15. It is a combination ear, nose and facial trimmer that is reviewed as being quieter and working faster than competing models.