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Diagnostic codes are alphanumeric codes from the car's onboard diagnostic system, or OBD, indicating a problem in the vehicle. Each code has a different meaning and is used to diagnose a problem when the vehicle doesn't run properly.


MedicineNet, WebMD, CrowdMed, Virtuwell and Healthline.com are examples of medical diagnosis websites, as of 2015. Some of the websites are freely accessible while others require a user to sign up to start diagnosis. CrowdMed and Virtuwell.com charge for medical diagnosis while WebMD offers services


Look up medical diagnosis codes at CMS.gov, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The site's search function allows users to input keywords to find a diagnosis code or input a code to find the associated diagnosis.


Medical diagnosis codes are available online at CDC.gov, ICD10Data.com and Wikipedia.org. The International Classification of Diseases, or ICD, is the short form of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, a list maintained by the World Health Organizatio


While many online health-oriented websites offer symptom checkers that allow a user to enter symptoms, none of the results should be considered an actual diagnosis, as WebMD points out. Symptom checkers such as those offered by WebMD, Patient, and Everyday Health should be used for informational pur


As of 2015, YourDiagnosis and Esagil offer medical diagnoses online. Esagil requires no membership to use, whereas YourDiagnosis requires users to answer a brief survey and create a new user account before proceeding to the online diagnosis interface.


To write a medical diagnosis, report the patient's history and the results of tests that occurred during the examination, explains Weill Cornell Medical College. Report data received from the laboratory, and complete a summary and an assessment. An outlined plan for further testing and treatment sho


Link the diagnosis code to the related procedural code by medical necessity. For third-party billing purposes, logically linked diagnosis codes supporting the necessity of services performed by the physician are less likely to be identified and rejected as frivolous, according to the University of F


A medical diagnosis codes list is a list of codes that correspond to specific medical conditions, states the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization bases its codes upon the International Classification of Diseases, a standard diagnostic tool that is useful for clinical purposes, he


Among the numerous online services for a doctor's diagnosis are The-Online-Doctor.com and Online USA Doctors. A person can sign up for a monthly plan, send an email, or schedule a video chat with a licensed physician through Online USA Doctors, as explained on the company website. For an unsolved me