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A rock identification key is a system used to identify rocks. It's usually in the form of a chart or table with several common descriptive properties of rocks.


The Oklahoma redbud, the state tree of Oklahoma, grows bright pink to red buds or blossoms on its leafless branches in early spring. After flowering, the tree has dark, glossy leaves as well as purple pods of seeds that stay on the branches even after the leaves fall in winter.


One of the simplest ways to identify a cedar tree is by looking at its distinct bark. All types of cedar trees have a reddish-brown bark that peels from the tree in large strips. Cedar trees can also be identified by their shape, height, natural habitats, needles and cones.


The vehicle identification number is optional when requesting new car keys. The VIN helps a locksmith to get dealership lock codes for vehicles made within the past 10 years, but the number is not needed for older automobiles or for vehicles with locks that have been changed.


Hemlock trees are characterized by wide, linear needles with short, rounded ends. Unlike many types of evergreen trees, the hemlock's needles grow on small stems attached to twigs and are one of the tree's most distinguishing characteristics. Hemlock tree needles are green, and have two fine white l


Hawks are identifiable by their body shapes, proportions, wing shape and flight characteristics. Hawks are birds of prey found in most parts of the world. They can be small to medium-sized birds, and there are three general types of hawks: buteos, accipiters and falcons.


There are many factors that differentiate carpenter ants from other species. Besides common black carpenter ants, some species are yellow or red. They are the most substantial species of ants that are commonly seen in households, measuring as long as 1/2 inch. The average size for a worker is 1/4 in


Key factors to hummingbird identification include appearance, behavior and territory. Aspects of appearance that bird watchers need to keep an eye out for are throat color and markings, eye markings, bill color and curvature, plumage coloration, tail characteristics, and body shape and size.


Microsoft provides free product keys for the Express Editions of certain versions of its software products via its website. To obtain free Microsoft product keys online, users must download the product they want to use and then follow the on-screen instructions to create a Microsoft account and regi


Native to northern climates in Asia, crab apple trees are adapted to and thrive in cold weather, and they require only full sun and well-drained soil to grow well. Although these trees require some water, they can survive with little water during dry weather. Depending on their size, they can reach