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Make a pair of rustic end tables from the sliced portion of a tree trunk and a trio of hairpin legs. This beginner-level furniture project can be put together over a weekend. Use them as tables in your living room, nestle them in a cozy corner or place them in the bedroom as bedside tables.


Choosing a a Tree Stump Table Base for Your Tabletop. Your first step when crafting live edge redwood kitchen furniture is to choose a table top. Then, you can choose a fitting, rustic tree stump table base. Your table base should be selected in respect to the table top dimensions; not the other way around.


Tree stumps can be a great source of inspiration and material for crafts, today we gonna make this tree stump end table from ehow.com.The supplies are a tree stump slice, a broom, a hand planer, a palm sander, medium-grit sandpaper, hairpin legs, 9 wood screws, #10 1-inch, a screwdriver, a wood stabilizer, a paintbrush, low-odor clear finishing spray and an oil-based polyurethane topcoat finish.


Photo Courtesy of Nicole Belanger of Nickadoo Tree Trunk Tables. 19. infuse your personality. The stump above might look exactly like the various other log side-tables featured above yet this one is different, those metallic inserts combined with the leather couch with metal legs speak of a certain combination, in only two pieces you can read ...


A coffee table is always nice to have in the living room. It completes the look of the room and at the same time, allows you to place cups, mugs and even magazine on and in it. If you have a sizable tree stump, turning it into a coffee table is certainly among the best tree stump decorating ideas you can try.


Use it as is, or add legs to make a table or chair out of your beautifully preserved tree stump. References University of Minnesota Extension: Selecting Preservative Treated Wood


Attach metal legs to the bottom of the stump, if desired. If you want to elevate the stump and use it as a side table, you may attach legs to the bottom using screws and a power drill. Get 3 thin metal legs, such as hairpin legs, and drill them into the bottom of the stump for a more polished look.


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Wrought Iron Table Bases & Iron Table Legs If you already have your own wood, stone, marble, glass or specialized table top, then one of these iron table bases should work well for you. Style is no problem because we offer a wide range of looks, from rustic to contemporary and everything in between.


The tree trunk was first cut to an appropriate height with a chainsaw, then carefully sculpted to form the chair seat, sides and decorative back. ... Create your own table for open-air dining! To ...