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Make an easy elephant trunk for fun and games with a paper towel roll, paint, yarn, a paint brush and scissors. Paint the paper towel roll, cut holes in it, and thread yarn through the holes. This whole project, aside from drying time for the paint, takes no more than 15 minutes.


In most instances, car trunks that fail to close have a malfunctioning latch. One way to know for sure if this is the case with a particular vehicle is to push the trunk down as if closing it. If the trunk doesn't stay closed, the problem is with the latch.


Iris, Rhino Trunk and Case, and Southern Enterprises are companies that makes some of the best storage trunks, according to Amazon.com. Iris makes heavy-duty plastic storage trunks of various sizes. Rhino Trunk and Case makes hand-crafted trunks out of premium grade Baltic Birch hardwood plywood. So


A highly rated trunk organizer is the folding trunk organizer from The Container Store, which receives 83 five-star reviews out of 100 user reviews on ContainerStore.com. Some other highly rated trunk organizers are a product from Case Logic and the Highland Three Pocket Storage Net, according to Pa


Trunk or treat decoration ideas include a monster mouth, graveyard, mad scientist and pumpkins. Another option is a popular character or show, such as Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin, Angry Birds or Star Wars.


According to Pennsylvania State University, an elephant's trunk contains approximately 100,000 muscles. The prehensile trunk is also used for trumpeting, drinking and grabbing objects, in addition to functioning as a nose. African elephants feature two finger-like protrusions at the end of their tru


This Old Trunk and The Pirate's Lair sell unique antique trunks via their websites. Trunks from both stores are more than 100 years old and sold in restored condition.


Coffee tables, side tables, ottomans and functional storage are all ways to repurpose vintage trunks. Flat-topped trunks are ideal as tables, while the round-topped variety work well for storing items such as toys, puzzles and board games. Both varieties offer hidden storage and add character to a l


To pick a lock, first look up what kind of lock is used in the specific model of car. All models of cars do not have the same locking mechanism in the trunk. There are tubular locks, combination locks, high security locks and master locks to name a few.


Replace a trunk lock by opening the trunk, removing any trim that covers the lock access hole, removing the old lock and installing the new one. If the lock is worn so the key no longer works, but the car has electric locks or an interior trunk release, activate the mechanism and access the trunk fo