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Tips for removing tree stumps and roots depend on the option the owner chooses. Stump grinding offers a quick way to remove the stump and leaves the roots in the ground to rot. Chemical stump removers kill the roots and hasten the decomposition process for easier removal. Digging out the stump and r


When renting a tree stump remover, or stump grinder, look at the cutting capacity above and below ground, the power source and the cutter wheel. Of these, the cutter capacity is the most important as it relates to the size of the stump, notes TreeRemoval.com.


Remove a stump by cutting it as close to the ground as possible using a chain saw, drilling a pattern of holes in the top and adding potassium nitrate. Fill the holes with water, and allow the chemical to work for several weeks. Remove the remaining stump with an axe and shovel.


Adding water and nitrogen to a tree stump makes it rot faster than if it is left to rot naturally. The materials needed are a drill, plastic tarp, mulch and a high-nitrogen fertilizer.


You can remove a sycamore tree stump either mechanically or chemically with basic tools, but larger stumps may require specialized equipment. For smaller stumps, dig a trench around the stump with a heavy-duty shovel, and separate the connecting roots with a pick axe or landscaping bar.


Roundup Super Concentrate Tree Stump and Root Killer typically takes two to four weeks to kill a large tree stump. This product poisons the stump as it spreads through its vascular system.


Grinding down old tree stumps promotes a more aesthetically pleasing landscape, reduces tripping hazards and reduces the possibility of pest infestation by removing the stump as a potential habitat for termites, ants, rodents and other animals. Stump grinding is typically less expensive than complet


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Roundup Tree Stump and Root Killer takes an average of two to four weeks to completely destroy the vascular system within a tree stump. This product works faster on recently cut trees, as there is more live tissue on the surface of the stump for the product to permeate.


Stump hole whiskey is a term used for illegally made whiskey that was hidden in holes of tree stumps in order to hide the stills. Stump hole whiskey is a type of moonshine that was popular during the prohibition period.