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The Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois State Museum and Illinois Natural History Survey have online resources that help with Illinois tree identification. Illinois' DNR has a webpage with photographs of common trees' leaves and nuts. Types of trees include black walnut, hackberry, pe


The Iowa State University Extension explains one way to differentiate between a spruce tree and a pine tree is to look at the needles. Spruce needles grow directly from a branch individually, and pine needles grow in bunches of two, three or five. Also, the bark of a spruce tree is rough rather than


Wood can be identified by examining characteristics such as the grain, texture, color, weight and hardness, and then comparing those traits to a guide or database that contains samples of various woods. Other observations, such as where the wood came from, can also help with identification.


An identification number properly identifies a business's tax accounts for employee and independent contractor purposes, Lee Tax Help explains. An identification number is used on all correspondences and paperwork when filing with the IRS and Social Security Administration.


Bird identification guides are available from the Audubon Society, Cornell University and National Geographic. Depending on the organization, options include online guides, special apps for iPads and mobile phones and printed copies. Amazon also offers guides in printed and Kindle editions.


Elm tree identification involves looking for distinct characteristics in the tree's leaves, stalks, seeds, shoots and bark. These parts vary based on the type of elm and look different in a healthy tree versus a diseased tree.


On a credit card, the bank identification number consists of the first four to six digits on the card. This indicates the issuing institution, and it is vital for verification of transactions to that issuer. These numbers also appear on debit cards, charge cards and electronic benefit cards.


Beech trees have simple, toothed leaves and light gray bark that remains smooth with age. Beeches are excellent for shading and produce edible, albeit bitter, nuts.


A plant identification book can be used to determine the species of many fruits. In some cases, it is advised to contact a trained botanist or other local professional for help identifying fruits.


There are several specific varieties of mulberry trees: white, black, and red. Identifying the trees by their leaves is difficult because the leaves are the least unique part of the tree. White mulberry trees have thin leaves, red mulberry leaves are thicker, and black mulberry leaves are the smalle