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Keep your dog from barking by removing barking stimuli, teaching him to follow commands, and redirecting his behavior. Ensuring the dog is well-stimulated is also important.


Common dog barking laws vary based on location, reports Nolo. Some states, such as Massachusetts allow people to file formal complaints, and then the city council holds a hearing to determine a plan for the dog. A strict result may be having the owner get rid of the dog.


Bark beetles kill pine trees by keeping nutrients from traveling from leaves to the rest of the tree and by keeping water from coming upward from the root systems to the leaves. Dehydration and malnutrition combine to damage and kill the trees in which these beetles establish colonies.


Squirrels often make a "barking" sound as an alarm call. This sound is called a "kuk." It is sharp and short, with a broad frequency similar to a dog's bark.


A dog can be trained not to bark by using one of the following six techniques of The Humane Society of the United States: removing the motivation, ignoring barking, desensitizing the dog, teaching the dog a "silent" command, asking the dog for a different behavior and keeping the dog tired. To remo


To stop a puppy from barking, pay attention to what triggers a barking episode, and remove this stimulus if possible. If the puppy barks to get attention, teach him not to bark by ignoring the barking until it quiets.


A fox's bark is used to distinguish one fox from another, in the same way a human voice is used to tell two people apart. Foxes make a range of noises, including barks, screams, growls and howls. In the winter through spring seasons, during mating time, a fox will bark as a warning to other nearby m


Remove the motivation for a dog to bark to stop the problem. If it is barking at people outside the house, close the curtains. The process requires patience and persistence, but it is possible to teach dogs of all ages to bark only when the response is appropriate.


The basenji, an African sighthound, is the only breed of dog that never barks. However, when basenjis are excited, they do make a noise often described as a yodel.


Barking dog sound clips are available at WavSource.com, SoundBible.com and WavList.com. The sites offer barking dog clips featuring little dogs, big dogs, multiple dogs. and dogs growling and barking in the same clip.