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Each clef on the staff is assigned a reference note to the line where it is located: soprano and alto are marked with a treble clef, tenor and bass are marked with a bass clef. In playing the piano, only the treble and bass clefs are used. The treble clef has a higher sound, and it is a space higher than the bass clef.


When using printed music to play piano, the treble and bass clefs identify the notes. A clef’s sole purpose in life is to tell you the names of the lines and spaces on the staff so that you can play piano music accurately. If the clef could talk, it would say something like, “For this […]


Bass Clef vs Treble clef. Whats the difference? Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by beelzelboss , Jan 4, 2009. Page ... who have taken the class have told me) it can really teach it and have a good foundation. Now my question is. Is the bass clef different than the treble clef? like i understand that the signs are different and ...


Anyway, the electric bass has a historical precedent of being read in the treble clef too: at the beginning some people used to score for "fender bass" in treble clef as it was the same as scoring for guitar (but sounding two octaves lower instead of one).


Bass Clef = Treble Clef two octaves lower, minus two notes (or one line down fr the same note-name.G is the bottom (1st) line of Bass, but the 2nd line of Treble. Thus you write the same note-name one line higher (if on a line), or one space higher (if on a space) if you are changing a Bass Clef note (such as written for a Bass, or the left hand of a piano) to Treble.


Middle C is the first ledger line below the staff in treble clef and is the first ledger line above the staff in bass clef. The two dots in the bass clef are around the second line from the top of the staff, which is the F note. The bass clef goes from the G note at the bottom line to the A note at the top line.


An Explanation of Clefs: Treble, Bass, Alto, Tenor. Featured Article Sidebar, Guitar, ... Locating middle C between the bass and treble clef makes perfect sense. So does locating it on the middle line of the alto clef if you are only using one staff. I suppose the whole point is to avoid placing notes too far above or below the staff.


Treble clef is the upper stave of the grand stave used for harp and keyboard instruments. It is also sometimes used, along with tenor clef, for the highest notes played by bass-clef instruments such as the cello, double bass (which sounds an octave lower), bassoon, and trombone. The viola also sometimes


Treble, Bass, Alto, and Tenor Clefs in Music Reading and Notation Clefs. Pitches can be high or low. Since a staff only has five ledger lines it wouldn't make sense to put all these pitches on one staff; this is where clefs come in. Clefs theoretically move the staff up or down the pitch ladder. ... The bass clef picks up where the treble clef ...


A clef is a musical symbol used to indicate the pitch of written notes. Treble Clef Bass Clef. Let’s start with the treble clef notes. Treble clef is the clef most often used in vocal music. For this reason, it is my favorite clef.