Phlebitis can be treated at home with anti-inflammatory drugs, leg compression stockings and avoiding rest, according to WebMD. If a person does not find relief from home care, there are medical treatments for phlebitis ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Phlebitis is a blood clot inside of a vein. These types of blood clots are not found very deep inside the body, and will not move to the lungs like deeper clots can. More » Health Conditions & Diseases

One of the most frequently reported complications of intravenous (IV) treatment is phlebitis, notes Tangent Medical. Thrombophlebitis may also occur from this form of therapy. More » Health Conditions & Diseases

A blood clot in the leg is known as deep vein thrombosis, and a combination of compression stockings and medications successfully treats the clot in many patients, according to WebMD. Elevating the leg and taking five or... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Physicians treat hematomas, or blood clots in the leg, with blood thinners, drugs called clot busters, vena cava filters and compression stockings, according to Mayo Clinic. One of the goals of treatment is to make sure ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

A blood clot in the leg can be treated using blood thinners, clotbusters, filters and compression stockings, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Medications are intended to reduce the ability of the blood to clot. Blood clotting i... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Treatment for a torn muscle, including a torn calf muscle, begins with home treatment using protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation, or PRICE, according to WebMD. If home treatment fails to bring relief within 2... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Breaks & Sprains