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Home remedies for heavy legs. Elevating the legs and staying active may help to treat heavy legs. Some daily habits and home remedies may help deal with symptoms before a treatment plan is in place.


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Heavy legs can be caused by a wide-ranging collection of disorders. They include the following: Varicose veins. These are veins, usually in the legs and feet, that become enlarged and take on a ...


Regular exercise can help you strengthen and tone your leg muscles, helping to relieve fatigue and providing a way to tone and shape your lower limbs. However, if tired, heavy legs are a symptom of a medical issue, too much exercise can make this condition worse.


Herbal tea To beat heavy legs, you need to drink a lot (at least 1.5 to 2 litres per day of water or herbal tea).Infuse a tablespoonful of herbal tea leaves in a litre of boiling water, leave to infuse for five minutes and drink throughout the day.


Heavy Legs Relief. Leg Cramps Ointment (2.5 oz) Hylands. Temporarily relieves the symptoms of cramps and pains in legs and calves. ... Varicose Veins by Liddell Labs is a natural homeopathic remedy indicated for the treatment of symptoms associated with varicose veins. Great Legs (60 caps)


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There are other causes too, such as hormonal changes, but 90 per cent of heavy legs cases are caused by VRD, which can be easily treated with radio frequency ablation or the so-called TRLOP ...


Heavy legs?Here’s how to relieve them effectivelyHeavy legs syndrome tends to be most pronounced at the end of pregnancy. That makes sense, and there’s an explanation and a treatment, both to feel comfortable again and to keep your veins toned. So without further ado, here is your light legs regimen!


Depression, stress or grief might make legs fatigued, as can serious medical conditions like heart disease and liver failure. Tired legs can usually be treated at home, without the care of a doctor. Legs that remain tired even after home treatment or legs that develop pain or dysfunction should be examined by a doctor.