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An extrarenal pelvis is a normal variation from the usual anatomy, and it does not indicate a state of disease. However, renal pelvises do not usually protrude in such a manner, and it may appear as if there is a blockage in the renal pelvis that ...


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. McCoy on extrarenal pelvis: The pelvis of the kidney is middle where everything centers. As urine is made by filtering blood this area collects urine then leads out through ureters to bladder. You have a more extensive area that resides in part outside the parameters of the kidney. Sometimes the appearance of this may be the result of obstruction.


Extrarenal pelvis refers to the presence of the renal pelvis outside the confines of the renal hilum; it is a normal anatomic variant. Epidemiology It is found in ~10% of the population 2. Radiographic features Ultrasound An extrarenal pelv...


What Is the Bilateral Extrarenal Pelvis? An extrarenal pelvis is a renal pelvis that protrudes from the familiar, bean-shaped indentation in the middle of the kidney. "Bilateral" indicates that both pelvises in both kidneys exhibit this anatomical variation.


Extrarenal pelvis is a variant of normal renal pelvis, a chamber where all urine forming ducts meet before transmitting the formed urine via a long tube, ureter, to the urinary bladder. Normally, the renal pelvis is surrounded by kidney substance and fat, and hardly has any capacity. In some cases, the urine forming ducts of the kidney are long ...


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… the renal pelvis; Grade I − Mild dilation of the renal pelvis only Grade II − Moderate dilation of the renal pelvis including a few calyces; Grade III − Dilation of the renal pelvis with visualization… Decisions are dependent on the presence and nature of associated renal and extrarenal anomalies,…