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Bronchitis and pneumonia are lung infections and can be hard to tell apart. Learn what causes each condition, what their symptoms are, and what you can do to treat them.


Bronchitis and pneumonia both affect the lungs and share some common symptoms, but they are different diseases that require different treatment. Here's how you can tell the difference. Bronchitis. The less severe of the two, acute bronchitis is caused by inflammation of the bronchi, the branching tubes that deliver air into the lungs.


Bronchitis and pneumonia are two respiratory conditions that at first may appear to be the same, but there are unique differences distinguishing the two. In both conditions, inflammation is ...


Home Remedies for Bronchitis and Pneumonia—Know the Difference. Updated on November 12, 2017. Mahsa S. more. Mahsa graduated with a degree in molecular biology and is studying for the MCAT to pursue further studies in pathology and immunology. Contact Author. Bronchitis .


Treatments for both bronchitis and pneumonia depend on the underlying cause, such as whether it’s bacterial or viral. Bacterial pneumonia and acute bronchitis are both treated with antibiotics.


Urgent Care for Bronchitis and Pneumonia. Bronchitis and pneumonia are both lung infections that can result in moderate to severe illness. They are common ailments, often sharing similar symptoms—one reason why they can be easily mistaken for each other.


Treatment. Most cases of acute bronchitis get better without treatment, usually within a couple of weeks. Medications. Because most cases of bronchitis are caused by viral infections, antibiotics aren't effective. However, if your doctor suspects that you have a bacterial infection, he or she may prescribe an antibiotic.


Note- If you are pregnant or are nursing a child, it is advisable to consult your doctor before you use this home remedies for pneumonia and bronchitis. 31. Elder Flower Tea. Elderflower is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiviral herb that is rich in vitamin A and C. Boil 150ml of water and add 4 grams of dry elderflower. Let the ...


The treatment for an acute COPD exacerbation is often steroids, inhalers, and antibiotics (because bacterial infections often develop during an acute COPD exacerbation).   If you have chronic bronchitis or COPD and experience worsening of your symptoms, contact your healthcare provider. He will be able to determine the correct treatment ...


Treatment for Pneumonia. Treatment depends on the type of pneumonia you have. *Pneumonia can be treated at home, but if you have a more serious case, then hospitalization might be necessary. *Antibiotics are used for bacterial pneumonia, and can speed recovery for other types in some cases as well.