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Among the most common causes of brittle nails are frequent wetting and drying of the nails, and repeated exposure to harsh chemicals such as those found in solvents and nail polish removers. Certain medical conditions are also known to cause brittle nails. These include hypothyroidism, Raynaud's dis


Brittle nails are often characterized by dryness, splitting, and cracking. Brittle nails are generally thought to be caused by a lack of moisture or protein in the nails. There are several treatments available to prevent brittle nails and improve nail health. Treatments include vitamin supplements,


Treatments for brittle nails include rubbing olive oil and lemon juice onto the nails or using a tea-tree oil and vitamin E mixture on nails, according to AllWomensTalk. Olive oil and lemon juice help moisturize nails, tea-tree oil prevents infections and vitamin E promotes nail growth, states Best


Some treatments for improving brittle nails are to use vitamin supplements and biotin, proper moisturizing and fortified nail polishes. Some natural approaches to improving brittle nails are to avoid harsh nail products, nail hardeners and over-clipping the nail cuticles, according to HowStuffWorks.


Vitamin supplements, such as biotin, are examples of home remedies for dry, brittle nails. Soaks with ingredients such as lemon juice, olive oil, beer and apple cider vinegar are other home remedies.


Treatment of dry, brittle nails requires protecting them against damage. Effective regimens include using certain home remedies, avoiding alcohol-based hand sanitizers, maintaining short nails, applying cuticle oils and creams, nail filing and avoiding nail polish.


Vitamins and minerals that strengthen brittle nails include iron and zinc. Vitamin B12 also promotes healthy, strong nails. Zinc, iron and vitamin B12 are available in dietary supplements and occur naturally in many foods.


There aresome preliminary studiesthat suggest that themineral supplement colloidal silicon may be useful for brittle nails, reports ConsumerLab. However, with the exception of biotin (vitamin B-7), there is insufficient scientific evidence that suggests that other vitamin or mineral supplementsmay b


Treatments for brittle hair include sour cream or yogurt, honey and avocado. Other methods for treating brittle hair are lowering the heat setting on styling tools, using moisture-replenishing products and washing hair only twice a week.


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