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Background: Therapeutic strategies for xerostomia, regardless of etiology, have so far not had definitive or clearly effective results. Objectives: To systematically revise the latest scientific evidence available regarding the treatment of dry mouth, regardless of the cause of the problem. Material and methods: The literature search was conducted in March 2015, using the Medline and Embase ...


Cancer patients often get dry mouth (xerostomia in medical terms) after radiation to the head and neck, or when taking certain medicines. Whatever the cause, the parched sensation is not only distracting and painful but can set the stage for infections, cavities, and tooth decay.


state of knowledge on management and treatment of patients affected by xerostomia and/or hyposalivation. Keyword: saliva stimulation, dry mouth, saliva substitutes, sialogogues Introduction Xerostomia is defined as the subjective complaint of dry mouth.1 Interestingly, patients complaining of xerostomia frequently do not show any objective sign of


Dr. Stacey Gividen explains the causes and treatments for dry mouth. Dental professionals can provide relief to the many patients whose lives have been altered by this common condition. Stacey L. Gividen, DDS. Jul 17th, 2020. Medication list of a 55-year-old patient with several xerostomia-causing drugs.


Dry mouth, or xerostomia, happens when there is not enough saliva or saliva becomes very thick.This can be a side effect of radiation therapy to the head and neck areas, some types of chemo, certain other medicines, and dehydration.The glands that make saliva can become irritated or damaged and make less saliva, or your saliva can become very thick and sticky.

www.bccancer.bc.ca/nursing-site/Documents/18. Xerostomia.pdf

nutrition, reduce severity of xerostomia and prevent/minimize oral complications • Ensure dentures and other appliances fit well prior to treatment. It may be recommended to remove dentures for part or all of treatment. Dentures may also need to be relined or refit after treatment due to changes in weight. Daily Fluoride Treatments:


Treatment of oral candidiasis in the setting of dry mouth requires anti-fungal medication, taken as either a daily pill or as a topical treatment, in the form of a troche (which is allowed to dissolve in the mouth) or a solution (which is swished around in the mouth before swallowing).


Treatment . For drug-induced xerostomia, using the lowest effective dose or switching to an alternative medication may help. If dry mouth is associated with correctable causes and correction of underlying causes doesn’t improve the condition, several additional steps are critical.


16 Dry Mouth Treatment Options. By Prevention. Jun 22, 2014 Cotton balls, sawdust, and the Sahara are just 3 images that come to mind when you’re suffering from dry mouth. The awful oral dryness ...


A 2017 clinical trial on 20 people noted that ginger spray could be an alternative to other treatments for some people with dry mouth. 7. Trying over-the-counter products