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Poor leg circulation can be a symptom of health problems such as venous insufficiency. In this article, we’ll discuss treatment and prevention. Although one of the principal reasons for poor leg circulation is a sedentary lifestyle; it’s also a result of aging. This can occur in people due to a genetic predisposition or a circulatory problem.


"Clinicians need to discuss statin treatment adherence with each encounter," he said. PAD can cause debilitating leg symptoms, including painful cramps, numbness and weakness in 3 out of 10 patients, researchers said. Others develop gangrene in their feet due to poor circulation.


Good blood circulation in your legs allows tissues to take in nutrients, get rid of waste and is an essential function of long-term leg health and strength. Poor leg circulation can be improved by starting simple habits and making changes to your diet. The term circulation describes the constant movement of blood around the body, made possible by the pumping action of the heart.


Various factors, including age, affect your circulation. As you grow older, you may feel and see the effects of poor leg circulation. For example, heavy legs, varicose veins, and cellulite are all signs of poor leg circulation. Therefore, good leg circulation not only is a question of health, but also of beauty.


While poor circulation is indeed common in seniors, there are plenty of steps that caregivers can take to help mitigate it. Read on to discover why circulation slows down as we age and how to improve leg circulation in elderly patients. Why Aging Causes Poor Circulation. As your body ages, numerous changes take place that can slow the ...


Leg Pain and Poor Circulation | Lifestyle-Based Treatments. The good news, as Cecil discovered decades ago, is that the same healthy lifestyle that helps clear up coronary artery circulation helps clear up leg circulation. The research, which began being published in the 1980s, is strong.


Poor circulation is most commonly diagnosed in your extremities, such as your arms, legs, and feet. Symptoms of poor circulation are often un-diagnosed and ignored, due to the fact that many people think their pain or discomfort is just attributed to aging.


A few causes for poor circulation in the legs include sitting for long periods of time, peripheral artery disease, atherosclerosis and spinal cord injuries. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase the circulation in your thighs.


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Symptoms. While many people with peripheral artery disease have mild or no symptoms, some people have leg pain when walking (claudication). Claudication symptoms include muscle pain or cramping in your legs or arms that's triggered by activity, such as walking, but disappears after a few minutes of rest.