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The online translating service ImTranslator is the best overall translator between Spanish and English because it provides translations from four of the leading translation services. It provides translations from PROMT, Microsoft, Google and Babylon.


A free online Spanish-to-English translation tool can be found at Babylon.com. Babylon is an experienced and well-regarded brand in language translation software. Their free online tool is capable of translating text from both Castilian and Catalan into English.


"Hello" is "yá'át'ééh," "thank you" is "ahéhee," "what's your name?" is "haash yinilyé?" and "goodbye" is "hágoosh????" in Navjo, the most widely spoken Native American language in the United States. Find more Navajo words and phrases at Omniglot.com and a list of learning resources at NavajoNow.com


For a free online English to Arabic translation, visit ImTranslator.net or Paralink.com for written phrases. Download Google Translate, which is a mobile app that translates both spoken and written phrases.


Some places to find an English verb list in PDF format include the website Perfect English Grammar and college websites such as Purdue, Cambridge and English Club. Perfect English Grammar contains PDFs for irregular verbs as well as all forms of past, present and future tenses.


Google Translate and FreeTranslation.com both offer online translation tools capable of translating English to Russian and vice versa. On both sites, users enter the desired text in English and click Translate to see the text in Russian.


A translation from Russian to English can be done through various services, including Google Translate, ImTranslator or FreeTranslation. FreeTranslation, which is managed by SDL, offers both free and paid translation services.


Several websites, such as Oxford Dictionaries and Babylon, have online tools that can be used to translate Arabic to English. Babylon also offers a premium human translation service for more reliable accuracy.


Translate Arabic text into English by entering the Arabic text into Google Translate or FreeTranslation.com. With either website, select Arabic as the originating language and English as the target, then click Translate. The equivalent English text appears in the box to the left.


Online language translators that translate English to Korean include Babylon.com, Systransoft.com and Imtranslator.com, as of December 2015. Alternatively, a person can hire a professional translator for a more precise translation.