There are several ways to transfer the contents of a VHS tape onto a DVD, including the use of a VHS-DVD combo recorder. Two other methods involve using separate VHS and DVD players or choosing a paid service that deals ... More » Technology Television & Video

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There are different ways to convert VHS to DVD, but a simple method is to connect the adapter to the computer and VCR and install the software. Convert the VHS to a blank DVD and burn the disc. More » Technology Television & Video

Digital high definition, or HD, is a payable service by 20th Century Fox that gives viewers exclusive early access to movies weeks before they are available on DVD or Blu-ray. The movies are available in high definition ... More » Technology Television & Video

To record TV programs, connect the source signal of the device to a recording device, such as a VCR, DVD recorder or DVR, and tune the TV to the channel you wish to record. Alternatively, record the program on a computer... More » Technology Television & Video

A Hi8 camera and a standalone DVD recorder or a computer with a video-capture card and video capture software, along with audio-video or S-video cables and a blank DVD, are needed to convert a Hi8 tape to DVD. To convert... More »

Tips for transferring VHS movies to DVD include reviewing the movies before beginning the process to identify chapter locations, checking the compatibility and requirements of the software, and calculating the total leng... More » Technology Television & Video