The Trans-Appalachian West is the region between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River in North America. It stretches from the Canadian border south to Mexico. More » Geography United States

The climate in the Appalachian region is temperate and humid, and it is approximately 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding lower elevations. The average high temperature in the summer is around the mid-80 degrees Fahre... More »

The Appalachian region extends from parts of New York to Mississippi, and it covers a land area of approximately 205,000 sq. mi. This region is found along the Appalachian Mountains, and it spans 13 states, including Ten... More »

The Rocky and Appalachian Mountains and the five Great Lakes are among the physical features of North America. The Mississippi River is another major geographic feature. More »

The oldest mountain range in North America is the Appalachian Mountains. They extend from Newfoundland to Alabama. Mt. Mitchell, the highest mountain on the east coast, is located in the Appalachian Mountains. More »

The tallest mountains to the west of the Mississippi River are amid the Sierra Nevada range. This mountain chain lies along the west coast of the United States in California. Its highest point is also the highest elevati... More »

Thomas' Legion and have maps that show the Appalachian Mountains. The range spans from Alabama to Maine along the eastern part of the United States and extends into the southeastern part of Canada. More » Geography United States