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The area west of the Appalachian Mountains is a region known as trans-Appalachia.. First US inhabitants of the trans-Appalachia region. In the early 19th century Americans who wanted to find a better life in the wilderness traveled several main roads over the Appalachians.


APUSH Ch. 10 Terms. ... Trans-Appalachia. land west of the Appalachian Mountains where settlers were concentrated (Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee. George Washington. first president of the United Stares. Cabinet. group of positions created by Washington as advisors. Thomas Jefferson.


TRANS-APPALACHIAN WEST. The Trans-Appalachian West is the region west of the Appalachian Mountains and east of the Mississippi River. It stretches from the U.S. border with Canada down to Mexico. Originally blanketed with coniferous and deciduous forests, it was home to numerous Native American groups.


Native American Resistance in the Trans-Appalachian West. Tenskwatawa, also known as Prophet (pictured here), worked with his brother Tecumseh to create a broad-based tribal coalition which would resist American encroachment from the east.


F our hundred and eighty million years ago, there was no Atlantic Ocean.Africa, Europe, and North America were all connected. North America straddled the equator, and what is now the Atlantic coast lay under water.


The Pennsylvania Turnpike was the first long-distance rural controlled-access highway in the United States and also the first one to cross Appalachia. It was known as the "tunnel highway" because of the seven mountain tunnels along its Appalachian route. On October 1, 1940 the first section of turnpike opened, running from US 11 near Carlisle (southwest of Harrisburg) west to US 30 at Ir...


A History of the Trans-Appalachian Frontier This limited series tells the story of the trans-Appalachian frontier. The opening and closing of the settlement frontier is the subject of each volume in the series, though each author takes an individual approach to that story.


The Trans-Appalachian West . 1) Across and beyond the Appalachian Mountains – the Trans-Appalachian Region. a) New territories – expansion of settlement i) Where: Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, and Missouri ii) When: 1790 to 1820 per US Census figures. ...


rolling prairies of the interior. By 1790 the population of the trans-Appalachian region numbered well over 120,000. Before the war, several colonies had laid extensive and often overlapping claims to land beyond the Appalachians. To those without such claims this rich territorial prize seemed unfairly apportioned. Maryland, speaking for the latter group, introduced a resolution that the ...


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