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A Trane air conditioner is an area temperature-control unit featuring the Trane brand, which is owned by Ingersoll Rand. Trane offers over a dozen self-contained AC units with various prices and features.


Lowe’s offers installation of Trane HVAC systems with purchase. The Lowe’s website offers an online request form that interested customers can use to initiate contact with Lowe’s regarding a Trane system and schedule an in-home comfort assessment.


Trane air conditioners can only purchased from local dealers that have received the Trane Comfort Specialist certification. The Trane website allows customers to find local dealers in their area based on their zip code.


Trane air conditioners can be purchased through a variety of HVAC dealers across the United States. Visit Trane.com for a list of dealers by state and city in order to find a store nearest you.


The cost effectiveness of Trane air conditioners varies by region and depends on a number of factors, such as available rebates, installation fees and additional components. In most instances, these items are region driven.


Trane sells air conditioners through its nationwide network of local and regional certified dealers, such as Converse Conditioned Air in Ames, Iowa and Lorenz Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning in Springfield, Missouri. Trane's website allows dealer locations to be ...


The warranty for a Trane air conditioner varies based on the make, model and part of the air conditioner. The warranty also varies based on whether the air conditioner is registered with Trane.