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If you’re in Ecuador in December, don’t miss the celebrations in Cuenca that culminate in the Pase del Niño Viajero, considered to be the largest and best Christmas pageants in all of Ecuador.Children form a large part of the festivities honoring the traveling Infant Jesus.


Whether you are living in Ecuador and missing holiday traditions from home or interested in the culture of Ecuadorian holidays from abroad, check out this short list of feriado traditions. 1)El Año Viejo and Nuevo Ano (New Year) December 31 st – January 1 st. Ecuador celebrates New Year’s buy putting behind the bad things from the past.


In Ecuador, the standard Christmas greeting is "Felize Navidad." One of the more unusual Ecuadorian Christmas traditions is placing the children's Christmas lists for the year inside of an old shoe. This is done for Papa Noel so that he can find the list when he comes at night while the children are sleeping. Then on Christmas day, the children ...


Christmas traditions in Ecuador – South America. Ecuador is situated at the northwest part of South America. Due its location at the equator, the country has little variation in daylight hours during the year. Hence allowing Ecuadorians to enjoy perfect spring-like weather year round.


Christmas day and Christmas Eve in Ecuador is mostly a family event, but there are plenty of public celebrations in every town and city. Seeing as the Catholicism is the most widely observed religion in the country, Christmas is a big deal and quite interesting to any observant or non-observant traveler.


RELATED POST: How To Preserve Latino Christmas Traditions. Friends often ask me about Christmas in Ecuador and the traditions that we have during this time of the year. As I think about them, thousand miles away from my home country, I want to say that Christmas in Ecuador always meant faith, family, food and friends. Christmas Trees and ...


I once spent Christmas in Ecuador, in the colonial city of Cuenca which is known for its devoted Catholic population. It is by far the biggest holiday in Ecuador (only slightly beating Independence Day in Cuenca).Although I’m not a practicing Catholic I really enjoyed the Christmas traditions in Ecuador.


1. La Navidad (Christmas) – December 25 . Throughout Latin America, the Catholic religion predominates. One of the most important dates on the Catholic calendar is the celebration of the birth of Christ. In Ecuador, Christmas used to be a primarily religious holiday.


Ecuador is famous for its colorful festivals and every town in the country has its own traditional celebrations and events throughout the year. Here are our five favorite festivals, taking place over the next couple of months, where Ecuadorians celebrate in style with fireworks, drinking, music, and ...


Holidays and Festivals in Ecuador Holidays in Ecuador mostly originate from the Catholic religious calendar, which is the nation's predominant religion . These holidays have, however, blended with indigenous traditions that existed before the arrival of the Spanish.