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Traditional Italian Christmas outfits or costumes are knee-high breeches paired with white stockings and vibrant sheepskin vests. Dark cloaks are worn over the entire ensemble.


To create a unique outfit from scratch, draw a croquis, or sketch model, and use it for the designing process. When sewing the outfit, have all the proper notions on hand, and use embellishments to make the outfit distinctive.


Tips for creating your own outfit include discovering what fits best, putting in additional effort when getting dressed, overdressing when in doubt, purchasing classic basics and dressing primarily for yourself. Doing so helps you establish both personal style and confidence in your appearance.


Tips for matching outfit colors include using similar colors to create a monochromatic look and using complementary colors to accent a garment. Neutral colors, such as black, white beige and brown, pair well with almost any other color.


The best way to match clothes in an outfit is by using a color wheel. Start with a base piece, match it according to a complementary or analogous color scheme, and finish with neutral accessories.


When looking to add fun to the work wardrobe while remaining appropriate, Glamour suggests focusing on pops of vibrant color and print, as well as tailored clothing. Finish off the outfits with appropriate footwear for a complete look.


Punk fashion for girls includes miniskirts, fishnet tights, stiletto heels or boots, animal prints and bold jewelry. Guys often wear leather jackets with spiked studs, fitted pants, tank tops, steel-toe combat boots and camouflage prints. A main punk-fashion staple for both sexes is sewn-on patches,


To color-coordinate an outfit, use a color wheel to find colors that complement each other. Try and wear clothes that have the same color tones. Coordinate different shades of the same color.


Pairing different fashion-forward items with jeans makes an outfit stand out from the crowd. When thinking about an outfit, picking an item like a printed jacket or bright pumps makes jeans pop.


Howcast and Big Fish Games list some tips for making zombie outfits that include ripped old clothing, face paint and liquid latex. The main keys for a basic zombie outfit are fake blood and torn clothing. Zombie prosthetics can also be added to enhance the costume.