A Native American ribbon shirt features ribbon accents around the collar and cuffs, with one or two horizontal ribbon stripes across the breast and strips of ribbon hanging vertically from the left and right sides of the... More »

"Listen Grandfather Where I Stand" and the Earth Prayer are variations of a traditional Native American prayer attributed to Black Elk, a warrior and medicine man of the Oglala Lakota, or Sioux, tribe. Other traditional ... More »

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Native Americans wore breechcloth, leather leggings, kilts, trousers, shirts, tunics, skirts, moccasins and mukluks depending on their gender, the season of the year and their tribe. Each Indian tribe has a distinctive t... More »

Iron a shirt by starting with the underside of the collar. Iron the back yoke, followed by the sleeves and the body of the shirt. Put the shirt on a hanger and hang straight with the sleeves folded softly toward the fron... More »

Tips for designing your own jersey include developing a concept first, considering what the design looks like from all angles, and making the sleeves and the collar blend with the rest of the jersey. Simple designs that ... More »

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To determine the needed size for a shirt, take measurements at the neck, chest and stomach. Use the measurements for arms and shoulders to determine if the shirt needs to be short, regular, tall or extra tall. More »

To cut a muscle shirt, mark out lines to cut along the sleeve, around the collar and the bottom seam. Cut along the lines with scissors, and gently pull on the arms, collar and bottom to stretch the fabric and hide imper... More »

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