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Traditional Mexican food dishes include tortilla soup, arroz con pollo, chicken flautas with avocado cream, tacos carne asada and carnitas. Desserts include leche quemada and flan.


Chicken quesadillas, burritos, tacos, chilli con carne and guacamole are some of the best-known Mexican foods worldwide. Other less popular traditional foods include mole, tlayudas, cochinita pibil and Colima chevice, a traditional fish-based dish from the Manzanillo region of Mexico. Pan de muerto


Chile Verde Con Cerdo is a traditional Mexican green chile dish made with pork. Serve it over enchiladas, or eat it as a stew. This recipe requires one hour preparation time and eight hours cooking time and makes 15 servings.


With diverse cultural influences, traditional Mexican songs include "Júrame" by Maria Grever, "Bésame Mucho" by Consuelo Velázquez, "Jesusita en Chihuahua" by Quirino Mendoza y Cortés, "Somos Novios" by Armando Manzanero and "Cielito Lindo" popularized by author Quirino Mendoza y Cortés. Traditional


Traditional Mexican clothing is a unique combination of European and native clothing styles. The materials used for traditional Mexican clothing are a mixture of native plants found in Mexico and resources that were introduced by the Spanish and imported from Europe.


As of 2015, the menu at Mexican Express includes the Baja bowl, steak picado, enchiladas verdes, chile colorado and chicken cajitas. Other menu items include tacos, burritos, tosadas, nachos and jalapeno bean dip.


Some easy traditional Irish recipes include Smoked Salmon with Horseradish Sauce and Sauteed Kale with Irish Bacon. Both recipes use traditional Irish ingredients, such as salmon, bacon, Irish butter and soda bread.


Some traditional Polish main dishes are pierogi, a stew named bigos, pork schnitzel and the Polish version of cabbage rolls called golabkil. Examples of traditional Polish desserts are Budyn, faworki and kisiel.


Paletas, or fresh fruit pops, are a fun summer treat with a Mexican twist. Flavors such as tamarind, mango with ancho chili powder, and rice pudding with cinnamon are refreshing and interesting.


Mexican cuisine centers on corn, chili peppers, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products like cream and cheese, and a variety of meats. Some of the most famous Mexican foods are tacos, enchiladas, tortillas and salsa.