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Some traditional housewarming gifts are wine glasses, coasters, food baskets and kitchen accessories such as handmade towels, trivets and oven gloves. A bottle of wine paired with a corkscrew, a set of bottle stoppers and an assortment of crackers and cheese is a though...


Good housewarming gift ideas include picture frames, garden plants, dish towels, specialty olive oil, money holders with extra cash or a set of knives. If the housewarming gift is for a new neighbor, a welcome kit that includes local maps, transportation schedules, rest...


Some inexpensive housewarming gifts include plants, candles, wreaths and tools. Food and beverages are also affordable gifts for celebrating a move into a new home.


Foods, household tools and garden supplies are items you can include in a housewarming basket. Snacks, painting supplies and picture hanging equipment are other ideas.


A couple ideas for housewarming gifts that are appropriate for family members are live plants and decorative scented candles. Other housewarming gift ideas are a bold vase or serving bowl and a picture frame.


Some ideas for a housewarming party include sending out invitations in the shape of the new house, providing a book for guests to give home-ownership advice, giving a tour of your new home and playing a few housewarming party games.


Games to play at a housewarming party include a scavenger hunt, memory tour, design-a-room activity, location trivia and an identification game. Typical icebreaker games are also appropriate, such as Two Truths and a Lie and Truth or Dare.