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Hanukkah is a joyous celebration of Jewish national survival and religious freedom. During Hanukkah, many families invite relatives and friends over to light the menorah, sing songs, play dreidel, exchange gifts and enjoy traditional Hanukkah food, especially latkes (potato pancakes).


Hanukkah Dinner Menu. ... These fresh new takes on Hanukkah classic will impress even the most traditional guests, from latkes to Challah. Start Slideshow 1 of 10. Pin. More. Jessamyn's Sephardic ...


A classic Hanukkah is within your grasp, even if it's your first time hosting the holiday meal. From latkes and kugel to brisket and challah, this traditional Hanukkah dinner menu will spark old memories and new traditions (and leave only empty plates behind).


Special Hanukkah Menu Menu There's no better way to celebrate the miracle than with a gathering of family, friends, and food. This menu includes traditional fare such as blini, Hanukkah doughnuts, glazed salmon, and potato latkes.


A traditional Hanukkah menu celebrates the miracle of oil that burned for 8 nights instead of just 1 by including a few fried recipes, in particular latkes (fried potato pancakes) and sufganiot (fried donuts). We've rounded up these cornerstone items with a few of our favorites to help you put together a celebratory menu.


A Hanukkah dinner menu featuring sweet potato latkes, brisket, delicious veggie sides, and no-fry desserts so you spend less time in the kitchen. ... Traditional Ashkenazic Sukkot Menu and Recipes Menus for the Pre Yom Kippur Meal A Classic Yom Kippur Break Fast Menu The Spruce Eats.


Favorite Hanukkah Recipe Ideas. ... Ina amps up traditional French toast by using eggy challah bread and an orange and vanilla custard. Serve with real maple syrup for a holiday breakfast.


Traditional Hanukkah Recipes. Lots of Latkes. ... Plan Your Hanukkah Menu. Roast Chicken Dinner. Gather the family for juicy, crisp-skinned chicken.


This dish is inspired by traditional recipes that use flanken, a cut of beef from the chuck end of short ribs. In Jewish custom, the meat is boiled and served with horseradish. Our version uses braised boneless ribs and pairs them with earthy vegetables.


Throughout the season, the lip-smacking aroma of traditional Hanukkah foods fills the Jewish kitchens. Chanukkah dinner usually consists of traditional Hanukkah dishes such as potato latkes served with traditional applesauce and sour cream. Chanukkah dinner is usually started with some latkes, fried savory snacks, or fritters.