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Traditional German Clothes for Kids Probably the best thing about this traditional German clothing children love wearing, is that it is timeless…and it wears well. This means those adorable Lederhosen you buy will not only survive your son, when he outgrow them, they can be passed along to brothers, cousins, grandchildren, great grandchildren ...


In addition, traditional German earrings, necklaces, apron pins and other authentic jewelry are available. These will complement your choice of German clothing. We also have a full line of children’s bundhosen, children’s lederhosen, children’s dirndls, and more. We also have plenty of accessories to offer! GERMAN OKTOBERFEST CLOTHING ...


HowStuffWorks. Culture. People. Culture & Traditions. National Traditions. How German Traditions Work. by Lance Looper Traditional German Clothing. Prev NEXT . It's pretty easy to recognize traditional German dress. Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Thinkstock. Food is one thing, but we've just begun to scratch the surface of the eccentricities German ...


Oktoberfest is celebrated across the world and you can see people dressed in their authentic dirndls and traditional Oktoberfest lederhosen (also known as German leather shorts). As part of the celebration and throughout the year we specialize and offer these traditional German outfits to you in the USA.


To actually understand the German clothing of the years gone by, it is important to understand the concept of tracht. Clothes helped identify a person's standing in society. Along with accessories, the style of facial hair, and adornments, the entire outfit and way of presentation was called tracht.


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In this video, Navigator Kelly explains the dress of German men and women. The names of various articles of clothing are covered and where each would be worn.


These men and women are wearing traditional German clothing. Photograph by Mirenska Olga, Shutterstock


A dirndl (German: [ˈdɪʁndl̩] , Austro-Bavarian: Diandl) is the name of a traditional feminine dress worn in Austria (except for Vorarlberg), Altbayern, and Südtirol. It is a type of Tracht which is based on traditional clothing of Alps peasants.


Traditional German Bavarian Clothing. All kinds of people search for traditional German clothing, attire, or apparel.Members of heritage clubs proudly express themselves in authentic lederhosen and festive German dirndls at Oktoberfest and other events, traditional German music bands sport these lively costumes on stage, and people who are delighting in the rediscovery of their German and ...