The definition of a traditional family is a social unit that consists of parents and children, whether living together or not. This definition is not immutable nor is it specific. More »

A traditional business is typically an organization that is a store, restaurant or agency. These types of businesses offer consumers some kind of service or product. More »

A traditional monarchy is a form of government that gives varying degrees of power to the Head of State, who retains the title for life. Most monarchies in today's world are called constitutional monarchies. More »

According to Katherine Lee from, children without discipline lack self control, do not respect authority figures, including parents, have no understanding of appropriate behavior, are selfish, unpleasant, and u... More »

A parenting plan template is a document that parents undergoing a divorce or separation use to determine the role each are to play in the custody and care of their children. This document is also known as a custody agree... More » Family Parenting

To deal with common child behavior problems, parents or guardians should provide instructions effectively by using the right words to communicate with their children. Instead of asking questions, the parent should use st... More »

Many parents like the Read to Me International website because it provides a number of resources for parents interested in reading to their children. The home page highlights the importance of reading aloud to children a... More » Family Parenting