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An example of traditional Cuban women's dress is the guayabera. The Bata Cubana is another example of traditional dress for women in Cuba. Young Cuban women have also worn special clothing for their quinceanera, or 15th birthday celebration.


Characteristics of traditional Cuban dresses include the use of lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen; brilliant colors such as yellow, red, turquoise and white; and sleeves and skirts embellished with ruffles, lace and ribbon. These characteristics a...


The most prominent Cuban wedding tradition involves the bride's dress. The dress that the bride wears is considered the central theme of the wedding and is expected to be lavish and extravagant.


CubaCuban.com explains that Cuba is best known for its communist government, a thriving sports industry and a unique style of music. Cuban food, the arts and numerous festivals throughout the year are also integral components of Cuban culture.


Traditional Cuban cuisine strongly relies on the Spanish sofrito. This consists of diced onions and green peppers, garlic, oregano and black pepper sautéed together to form a flavor base for many dishes.


Traditional Cuban clothing includes rumba dresses and Guayabera shirts and dresses. However, many people in Cuba also wear modern clothing styles on an everyday basis.


Traditional Chinese clothing varies widely depending on the region of the country and the time period it is from. However, many articles of clothing share some broad characteristics. Traditional Chinese clothing tends to be long, loose-fitting and layered, with robes be...