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Although traditional Western dress has been worn in Cuba for decades, the semi-tropical climate lends itself well to casual, loose clothing. Island temperatures seldom fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius), and natural fabrics like cotton and linen have always been popular because ...


A rumba dress, Bata Cubana, is a traditional type of women's clothing worn at fiestas and other types of celebrations. The colors, the ruffles and the material are a mix of African, Spanish and even French influences. In today's Cuba, this type of dress is worn more as a costume for a performance or for salsa or rumba dancing.


Cuba has been influenced by many cultures including Spain and Africa, so Cuban clothing displays a unique fusion of nations. Because of the hot environment, most Cuban styles are light-weight and casual. While Cubans are largely influenced by dress in Western culture, the guayabera is a traditional Cuban piece of clothing.


Traditional Dress Today. Today many Cuban women wear clothing based in tradition and culture, according to the Journeywoman website. Traditional outfits involve bright colors, such as red, orange ...


Some of those designs have even revisited and reinterpreted some features of traditional dresses like the Bata Cubana and the Guayabera, and somehow the island has set a new trend for, mostly, European fashion. Cuban dress has taken from the world what beauty it had to offer.


Cuba, in Clothes. From the country’s secret black market stores to the emerging designers staking their economic claim, a look at how Cubans buy, sell, and make what they wear.


Nowdays, the traditional Cuban dress can only be found as a tourist attraction in Old Havana around the Cathedral, Plaza de Armas etc. The only moment that Cubans dress-up in traditional clothes is on the occasion of a marriage or the 15th birthday of a girl, when the family celebrates her adulthood.


The guayabera is often worn in formal contexts, such as offices and weddings. In Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, guayaberas are part of the traditional wear for men and may be considered formalwear. In 2010, Cuba reinstated the guayabera as the "official formal dress garment". Political symbolism


Traditional Cuban clothing includes rumba dresses and Guayabera shirts and dresses. However, many people in Cuba also wear modern clothing styles on an everyday basis. Traditional Cuban clothing draws from African and European influences. Styles draw heavily from the country's history as a Spanish colony and from its multicultural population.


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