The traditional costume of Nepal is called the Daura Suruwal or Labeda-Suruwal, and consists of a shirt that ends at the knee and fastens at the side with ties, pants, and a kind of shoes called docha. It is worn only by... More »

A short-sleeved tunic, called the Ao Po'i, is one of the most important garments in traditional Paraguayan clothing. The Ao Po'i is worn by both men and women, layered over trousers for men and a long skirt for women. Th... More »

Traditional Belgian styles for men and women are modeled after the French clothing style, which was influenced by the French occupation during World War II. The smock and beret are popular apparel worn by men, and the cl... More »

The Greek national costume is called a Foustanella, which consists of a shirt, skirt and vest, along with a sash or belt worn around the waist. It is worn by men only and is unique in that, traditionally, both warriors a... More »

The traditional costume of Brunei includes the baju kurung (a long tunic over a long skirt) for women and the baju cara melayu (a tunic and long pants) for men. The baju cara melayu is traditionally worn with a plaid or ... More »

According to the traditions of Laos, women dress up in skirts, scarves and blouses as "mothers of the nation" while men traditionally wear peasant pants and a shirt. Women typically wear their hair in a coil when they ar... More »

Traditional Chilean clothing includes brightly colored ponchos, pants and cloaks. The two most-iconic pieces of clothing are the chamanto, a type of poncho, and the chupallas, a type of hat. Although the vast majority of... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions