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Pioneer children had simple toys and games made out of any available materials such as pebbles, rope, pieces of wood, and scraps of material. Dolls were made out of scraps of material and wool. Some toys were made of wood. Many of the games they played are still being played today. OUTDOOR FUN (active) Rolling the hoop ; skipping


Have you ever wondered what games pioneer children played? Laura Ingalls Wilder describes many games and activities in her books, and research shows us a few other games that children played during this era. Here you’ll see a full list of games and activities from the “Pioneer Era” that ...


How to Make Old Pioneer Day Toys. Most children living during the 1800s, or in pioneer days, did not have much time to play with toys; they spent a lot of their time helping around the house and farm. Many of the toys pioneer children did have were often made from the leftovers or scraps saved from other tasks. Using ...


Pioneer children played many games similar to ones children play today, including variations on duck, duck, goose; hopscotch; checkers; cat's cradle; and types of tag. Because pioneer families did not have room for large toys, games had to be small or not require any equipment. One popular game for pioneer children was called drop the handkerchief.


Pioneer kids didn't have many toys. In fact, children in general didn't have many toys until the late 1800s, according to historians. But pioneer kids might have played with a toy Noah's Ark.


#301 JACOB'S LADDER~ Historical folk toy , popular since the days of colonial America. Also known as 'tumbling blocks,' the Jacob's Ladder was also known as a 'Sunday toy,' as it was one of only a few toys that children were permitted to play with on Sundays. #301-C ~ Smaller, colorful version.


When children did have time to play, they enjoyed the same games that their parents and grandparents had played when they were young. One popular outdoor ... American History Pioneer Folk Toys, Games, Crafts, and Music from Homestead Folk Toys in the Historical Village of Nashville, Indiana.


Youth / Child's Rope Tension Drum, by Cooperman's Fife and Drum: This is a downsized musical instrument rather than a toy. Dimensioned for a child's use, the drum is 10" in diameter and stands about 12" tall. The solid hardwood shell and hoops are cut and steam-bent at Cooperman's Vermont sawmill, much as they would have been in early America.


Play allowed the child to practice being a grown-up as the toys would relate to everyday life around their villages and farms. There were tiny wooden cradles or beds, wooden utensils, bowls, carts pulled by oxen in harness, milk cans, pitch forks, all the items of the day made out of wood in child size.


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