No registration is necessary to donate items to Toys for Tots, but there are ways to become more involved that do require registration or filling out forms. These include volunteering, serving as a drop-off location or r... More »

The Marine Toys for Tots program works by taking toy donations from the community and redistributing them to families with children in need. Those who want to donate can look up their local chapter to find needed items a... More »

Find used oil drop-off locations at or allows you to search your area for places that recycle certain types of oils and oil-contaminated products, while ... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Engine Oil

Families can apply for the Toys for Tots program by going to the Toys for Tots website and filling out the information under the "Request a Toy" page. Contacting the local representative to apply or find out more informa... More »

Apply to receive toys from Toys for Tots by visiting the website, then clicking the tab that says "request a toy." A drop-down menu appears, prompting for state information and then county information. Af... More » Business & Finance

To request a toy from the Toys For Tots program, click on Request a Toy on the Toys for Tots website, and choose your state. Then, choose the county you live in to see a list of local distribution centers. More » Hobbies & Games Toys

Signing up a family for Toys for Tots is done through the "Request a Toy" link on the organization's official website. Although signing a family up is simple, there is no guarantee that every family will receive toys thr... More »