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If your Tacoma is a V6 from 1995 to 2004, replace the belt at 60k miles . If you’ve got a 4-cylinder from 1995 to today or a V6 from 2005 to today, your Tacoma has a chain so you can sit this one out. Don’t Ignore Your Timing Belt Service Interval. Replacing a timing belt before it breaks on its own is extremely important.


I just past 70,000 miles and someone told me that I should have the timing belt replaced on my Toyota Corolla DX. I checked with a few repair shops and they say that I should be able to get at least 110,000 miles without having to replace the belt. My manual says it should be replaced after 60,000 mile.


Toyota Maintenance: 3.4L V6 Timing Belt Replacement. By: Mark Griese - 5/2005. The timing belt found in 1st generation Tacomas, 3rd generation 4Runners, and T-100 Pickups require periodic replacement. From what I understand, belts on earlier models need to be replaced at 60,000 miles, and newer models at 90,000 miles.


The average cost for a Toyota Corolla timing belt replacement is between $280 and $504. Labor costs are estimated between $220 and $333 while parts are priced between $60 and $171.


According to Gates Rubber Company’s “Timing Belt Replacement Manual,” these are the “official” belt replacement recommendations Acura, Honda and Toyota make for their specific engines. Note: On applications where no specific mileage recommendation is given, it does not mean the timing belt will last indefinitely and can be ignored.


How often should a timing belt be replaced? Timing belt recommended replacement intervals vary from 60,000 to 106,000 miles. You can find the recommended interval in the maintenance schedule, which is usually included in the owner's manual or a separate brochure. For example, we checked the maintenance schedule for the 2017 Chevrolet Sonic.


I know that Toyota recommends replacing the timing belt on my 2006 Toyota Tundra,4.7L engine every 90,000 miles,but realistically,how many miles can I safely drive before I should replace the belt. I have 182,000 miles on it and replaced the belt @ 90,000 miles.


Most Audis have a recommended timing belt replacement at 110,000 miles. But to be on the safe side, many mechanics recommend replacing it earlier, such as around 90,000 miles. Being conservative and opting for an early replacement can protect your car from expensive damage.


Toyota Tacoma 3.4L V-6. The Toyota 3.4L engine timing belt is due to be replaced at 105,000 miles or every 8 years. These engines are not a interference engine, meaning that if the timing belt happens to break the pistons will not hit the valves. On an interference engine if the timing belt happens to break, the pistons will hit and bend the valves causing catastrophic engine failure and ...


But apparently belts do not - as there is a recommended-change interval listed for them. With my 1993 w/1.6 the belt breaking isn't as bad as on a 1.8 engine. On the 1.8 engine the valves will hit the pistons when the valve timing is off (after the belt breaks) but on the 1.6 engine this does not happen.