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The Toyota Highlander often experiences problems with the engine bolts threads stripping. Engine noise and failed starts on cold days are also commonly experienced problems with the Toyota Highlander.


Many models of the Toyota Highlander line have been recalled for various reasons, according to MotorTrend.com. The 2014 Highlander, made between November 20, 2013 and January 18, 2014, were recalled for a potentially faulty third row middle seat belt assembly, according to SaferCar.gov.


Resetting the maintenance light on a Toyota Highlander is a fairly simple process that only requires you to press a few buttons. The entire process can be completed in about a minute.


For a 2013 Toyota Camry, the warranty and maintenance guide recommends that the timing belt be changed every 90,000 miles or 72 months. Whichever milestone occurs first is when the car's owner should get the timing belt changed. The recommendations vary based on the car's production year, make and m


The service interval for a timing belt replacement on an Acura TL is either 7 years or 105,000 miles. If a vehicle is due for a replacement, Acura owners should change their car's timing belt to avoid costly repairs.


Climate highland regions are areas of land that are generally cooler and moister than surrounding lowland areas. The characteristics of highland climate regions vary considerably, as these areas are influenced by unique regional topographical and geological conditions, as well as different local wea


The lunar highlands are elevated areas on the moon that were created by material that accumulated in layers from the ejecta of craters. The highlands are riddled with craters and the rocks found there are thought to be between 3.84 and 4.48 billion years old. These craters were formed by the intense


According to the Mayo Clinic, interval training involves alternating bursts of rigorous activity with intervals of lighter activity. For example, one might sprint for one minute and then walk for two minutes, repeating the circuit several times.


The serpentine belt, one of the most important parts of any engine, is a single belt that drives multiple components which are connected to the motor. If it wears out, it's impossible to drive your car. Fortunately, you can change the serpentine belt on a Toyota Highlander with just a few standard t


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