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Failure to replace your timing belt could result in belt failure, and in some cases, catastrophic damage to your engine. We recommend that you replace your Toyota timing belt every 60,000 miles and encourage you to buy a Toyota timing belt kit which will include all the necessary parts to get the job done right the first time.


Basically, the timing belt coordinates the engine’s functions, causing fuel to ignite in the combustion chamber. When to replace your vehicle’s timing belt. Since the timing belt has such an important job, it’s crucial to have it replaced regularly. In most cases, there is no indication that a timing belt is becoming worn. Often times, it ...


Toyota Maintenance: 3.4L V6 Timing Belt Replacement. By: Mark Griese - 5/2005. The timing belt found in 1st generation Tacomas, 3rd generation 4Runners, and T-100 Pickups require periodic replacement. From what I understand, belts on earlier models need to be replaced at 60,000 miles, and newer models at 90,000 miles.


Following is the complete Toyota Timing Belt and Timing Chain List. Some Toyota engines have timing belts, some have timing chains. It pays to know what your engine has. Belts need to be replaced at normal intervals (usually every 90-100k on late model cars) or you will have hell to pay.


Service type Timing Belt Replacement: Estimate $920.08: Shop/Dealer Price $1104.60 - $1558.05: 2004 Toyota Sienna V6-3.3L: Service type Timing Belt Replacement: Estimate $994.89: Shop/Dealer Price $1204.98 - $1683.14: 1999 Toyota Sienna V6-3.0L: Service type Timing Belt Replacement: Estimate $908.80: Shop/Dealer Price $1093.49 - $1551.97: 1998 ...


This is for the 2004–2007 Toyota Highlander 2004–2008 Toyota Camry Solara (V6) 2004–2006 Toyota Sienna 2004–2006 Toyota Camry (SE V6) 2005–2010 Toyota Highla...


Nevertheless I will have to change my timing belt as I dont have a record of when it was changed last time. My question is: Can I use a fully compatible timing belt or do I have to use the one from Toyota. Well, it is practically twice the price and I have to wait for an order to arrive as we are on an island 🙂


With every timing belt kit I've ever bought came with a sticker to place somewhere on the engine to write in the miles the timing belt was replaced and the two cars I've had a mechanic replace had a similar sticker notifying the mileage it was replaced. If anything it won't hurt to have the timing belt replaced for your knowledge.


New member here, long-time Toyota owner. Was wondering if anybody's experienced breakage of the timing belt on the 4.0L V6? My Tacoma's just hit 90K mi, which is the recommended replacement period. It's also my work truck, so I need it daily. I realize it's a $1,000, all-day repair, just hoping to delay until right after the first of the year ...


Most Audis have a recommended timing belt replacement at 110,000 miles. But to be on the safe side, many mechanics recommend replacing it earlier, such as around 90,000 miles. Being conservative and opting for an early replacement can protect your car from expensive damage.