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Companies provide services through the Internet including email, Skype, Twitter, instant messaging and videoconferencing. The World Wide Web and instant access to information are among the important services provided using the Internet. Other fundamental services provided through the Internet includ


The leading 10 Internet service providers in the United States are Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, AT&T, Juno, NetZero, DishNET, HughesNet, Charter and CenturyLink, as of 2015. Not all providers are available in every area, and each has various features and options.


Some websites that offer information on the history and meanings of names include Behind the Name and Meaning-of-Names.com. Both sites offer searchable databases containing information on a large selection of names.


The Internet provides various facilities, including email, instant messaging, social networking, tweeting and video conferencing. These facilities make it possible for people to communicate with each other in a more efficient way. The Internet also offers website and blogging services that organizat


The most popular satellite Internet providers in America are Exede, HughesNet and Dish as of 2015. Of these three companies, Exede usually offers the fastest satellite Internet connections in the continental United States.


InternetProvidersbyZip.com allows U.S. residents to find a list of their local Internet and cable providers by typing a ZIP code into a search box. The search gives the user a list of local providers at a given time.


America Online still offers a free 30-day Internet trial once a client signs up for the AOL Support and Security Plus plan or the AOL Advantage Plus plan. Additionally, NetZero offers a partially free Internet service for mobile phones.


Some resources provided by the Internet Public Library include lists of educational links on topics such as entertainment, health and government. However, the Internet Public Library is no longer being updated as of 2015 and is considered shut down.


Dish and DirecTV are two satellite television providers that also offer Internet access. Neither provider offers Internet alone, so prospective customers must order a bundle of services in order to take advantage of Internet access.


To search for people for free on the Internet, use public phone directory websites such as 411.com and WhitePage.com to locate possible contact information. You can also search for people's public profiles for free by using the search engines provided on social media websites such as Facebook and Tw