Since tortoiseshell calico cats have a unique mix of coat colors and markings, exotic pet names work best. Keep in mind that most tortoiseshell cats are female as male tortoiseshells are extremely uncommon. Names like Ki... More »

According to the American Society for the Protection of Animals, cats, including tortoiseshell cats, tend to live between 13 and 17 years. They can live to be over 20 years old with proper care. More »

A calico Persian is a Persian cat with a coat of three colors, such as red, black and white or chocolate, red and white. Because of the genetics involved, calico cats are almost always female and though male cats are bor... More » Pets & Animals Pets Cats

A dilute calico cat is a type of calico cat whose colors are more muted than the traditional calico cat. A dilute calico will have colors that are lighter: more creams and blues than oranges and blacks. More »

A calico Maine coon is a Maine coon with a predominantly white coat that has patches of at least two other colors, such as orange or black. A calico pattern is also referred to as a tortoiseshell-and-white pattern. Due t... More »

Because the majority of calico cats are female, male calico cats are not readily available for purchase. An available male calico can occasionally be found with an online search. Calico refers to variations of a color pa... More »

Female calico kittens can have sweet names based on their colors, patterns or the fact that they are calico. Thinking about food and seasons or being a little creative can lead to a great name for a calico cat. Kitty nam... More »