Since tortoises are carnivores in the wild, live food is the best nutrition for them as a pet, according to Typical pet owners mistakenly believe vegetation is best, but turtles much prefer the worms, snail... More »

A baby Russian tortoise is one that is newly hatched. They are sometimes referred to as Horsfield's tortoises or Central Asian tortoises and are considered an excellent pet for anyone wishing to keep a pet tortoise for t... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles

Large Galapagos tortoises can live up to 150 years or more, while a small pet tortoise, such as the red-footed tortoise, can live up to 50 years. Part of the reason why they live so long is their slow metabolism. More »

"The Tortoise Table" is an online database of the plants suitable and unsuitable for feeding to pet tortoises. The table was founded by a group of tortoise lovers that monitored the effects of various foods in an effort ... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles

Due to their hard shells and thick skins, adult desert tortoises are only preyed upon by mountain lions. Young desert tortoises are much more vulnerable, and they are also eaten by kit foxes, coyotes, feral dogs, gray fo... More »

The hinge-back tortoise has a hinge, which is known as a carapace, across the back portion of its shell. It lives in savannas in tropical and subtropical Africa. The tortoise eats insects, snails, slugs, dead frogs, tadp... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles

The Egyptian tortoise, known as Kleinmann's tortoise, belongs to the Testudinidae family of land-dwelling turtles and is native to the North African coast. The colors on the Egyptian tortoise's high-domed shell may inclu... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles