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70 ft/lbs for 7/16" studs 80 ft/lbs for 12mm studs 85 ft/lbs for 1/2" studs 95 ft/lbs for 14mm studs 110 ft/lbs for 9/16" studs


The wheel manufacturers have torque specs but few people know or follow them. Torque your wheels using a star pattern rather than just tightening them up in order. Same with the beadlocks. If you just crank the bolts down, you run the risk that the tire will not be centered on the wheel correctly. Take your time and use the star pattern.


Max Torque: 100 ft. lbs Use: “D” Spare Wheel Note: We use Goodyear Marathon Tires Obsolete 400935 (6 Lug) Rim Specifications Tire Specifications Size: 15” x 7” Aluminum Bolt Pattern: 6 hole Max Torque: 90-100 ft. lbs Load Range: D Max Load: 2540 lb at 65 PSI Use: 2000-2006 Excella, CLASSIC


Torque Specifications Lug Nuts: 7/16 Wheel stud = 75-85 ft-lbs 1/2 Wheel stud = 85-95 ft-lbs 5/8 Wheel stud = 130-140 ft-lbs 12mm = 90 ft-lbs 14mm = 110 ft-lbs Weld Racing does not recommend the use of lubricant when installing lug nuts. Pro Race Oval Track & Drag Race Center Bolts: 13”, 15”, & 16” diameter wheel = 20 ft-lbs (245 in-lbs)


Torque specs on wheels. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. DaveD · Registered. Joined Aug 11 ... Service manual says 54 lbs. regardless of whether the wheel is aluminum or steel. 2020 X2 XT-R, 2017 Yamaha Wolverine EPS w/26" Sedona RipSaws (Sold). Save Share. Reply. T.


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The torque value is usually determined from the size (diameter) and strength of the lug. Torquing places a uniform force on wheel to the axle lug disc face which prevents movement. IMPORTANT - Check lug nuts for proper torque following 50 miles of driving.


Recommended wheel torque. Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by 2017tundraowner, Oct 3, 2018. Post Reply. Oct 3, 2018 at 6:41 PM #1 #1. 2017tundraowner [OP] New Member. ... It's 97ft·lbf for aluminum wheels and 154ft·lbf for steel for the front and rears. Sas, Oct 3, 2018 #4.


He didn't look at the paperwork, but said he'd enter the new torque spec for my truck. It was apparent to me that he was not changing the spec for ALL Tundras with aluminum wheels. I've got a number of friends with aluminum wheels on their Tundras (5 that I can think of off the top of my head) and I've let every one of them know about the ...


Well I don't know if my factory 18" wheels are aluminum or magnesium (the sales brochure says "alloy") but of all the types of wheels Toyota put on the 2012 - they all have the same torque rating according to the factory specs. I've seen nothing to the contrary. You won't find factory specs with torque ratings specifically for aluminum wheels.