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A topic is the general theme, message or idea expressed in a speech or written work. Effective writing requires people to remain on topic, without adding in a lot of extraneous information.


Trees have a cooling effect on the environment. This is due to evaporation as well as the shade that they provide. Trees also reduce the effects of pollution on the environment.


Some fun things to know about trees are that there are more than 23,000 types of trees, and thousands of products are made from them. Trees are said to "breathe" in the opposite way of humans. Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, while humans breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.


Some topics that are covered in children's science books are dinosaurs, space exploration and the animal kingdom. Introducing children to science topics at a young age through reading can inspire an interest in science when they are older.


Make a simple family tree template using Microsoft Excel's Shapes and Lines tools. Using the Insert menu, draw the desired shape in the spreadsheet, and label it with the child's name. Create more shapes to represent family members, arrange them into different generations, select a line from the Ins


Of the almost 247 billion trees in America that measure more than an inch in diameter, one Coast Redwood tree in California measures 369 feet tall and is more than 2000 years old. Trees provide food, shade, wood for constructing buildings, cooking and heating fuel and fibers for making paper.


Ideas of topics that can be used for a student presentation include alternative fuel options, evolution of humans, black hole facts, global warming and its effects, side effects of smoking and unknown inventors. The chosen topic can be expanded on and complemented by other similar ideas.


About the Children is a parental advocacy group that provides assistance to parents seeking to make changes to child support, custody or visitation, according to its website. The organization is dedicated to helping fathers who require assistance with support, visitation and custody issues, although


Appropriate safety topics vary according to a child's age and include bicycle and helmet safety, driveway safety, guns, fireworks and sports participation. Other safety topics relate to swimming and water safety, medicine, alcohol consumption and preparing to drive.


Students can find speech topics by considering the unit of study, deciding what type of speech to prepare, searching databases or the media and asking themselves questions about topics that interest them. It is easiest to identify the purpose for the speech first, such as to entertain, inspire, educ