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Fastest Dog Breeds Dogs love to run, and it seems that some can chase a ball for days straight. Most owners tire out before their dogs do! But have you ever wondered what breeds are the fastest? Sighthounds are popular dogs used in races, but what other breeds make the cut? …


Greyhounds are sighthounds bred for chasing prey for short distances, meaning speed was far more important than endurance. With a top speed around 45mph, Greyhounds became the most popular dog used in racing and lure coursing events.


Different sources have deemed different dogs the fastest of dogs. The two breeds that undoubtedly make the top of the list are the greyhound and the African Wild Dog. Greyhounds have long been known for their speed. They are commonly used on the racetrack and once were bred primarily for racing.


Go Dog, Go was the title of a famous children’s book penned more than 50 years ago by P.D. Eastman, but it is also what we say when we see some of these dogs take off running. Greyhounds, Vizslas and Jack Russells are just some of the breeds that leave the rest of the pack in the dust.. Check out our slideshow of amazing dog breeds that were built for speed.


When considering dog breeds from the point of view of speed, it is not too surprising that all the contenders for the top ten list are big dogs, most of which are built for speed with lithe bodies and long legs that can eat up the distance easily. For this reason, the small Jack Russell terrier dese


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Top 5 Fastest Dogs In The World 1. Greyhound Historically bred for coursing and racing, it’s no surprise that the Greyhound takes the top spot with a full speed of 43 mph. The Greyhound is not ...


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Top speed: 30 mph; Surprisingly, these dogs are some of the fastest in the world. They can top speeds of just over 30 mph, and the largest poodles can weigh more than 70 pounds.