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Common reasons companies globalize include access to a larger customer base, new revenue sources, new capital and access to resources. Additionally, the synergy that results from globalization is often amplified when customers around the world discuss a brand.


Two of the main reasons that companies go global are to expand their customer base and generate additional revenue. Companies also gain synergy from global brand promotion and may develop economies of scale from increased production or distribution efficiency.


While political scientists and economists do not have a standard definition for a global company, the recent informal definition for a global company is one that operates in at least more than one country. The past definition was a company based in one country that trad...


Globalization refers to the interaction between different peoples and governments, often in the realm of international trade. It intensifies the interconnections within the global community and influences nations not only economically, but also culturally.


Triple Canopy, Aegis Defence Services, Andrews International and Chubb Fire & Security are some well-known global security companies. International Intelligence Limited is also a global security company.


One of the top global oil producers is the United States, producing as much as 12.5 million barrels of oil per day during 2014. Others top producers include Saudi Arabia with 11.6 million barrels of oil per day, Russia with 10.8 million per day and China with 4.4 millio...


Global Industrial Equipment is a manufacturer of industrial supplies and equipment that sells both private label and branded products directly to businesses. As of 2015, the company states that it carries over 1,000,000 material handling, business and industrial product...