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Some different types of corporations include S corporations, C corporations and limited liability companies. Individuals who work in certain professions, such as attorneys, accountants and engineers, may also be able to incorporate as a professional corporation.


Contacting a corporate headquarters involves finding out information on who to call and how to best approach that person. By letting corporate employees know that you want to specifically contact corporate supervisors, you avoid being screened as someone requesting general information.


As of 2015, examples of corporate dental companies include Aspen Dental, American Dental Partners Inc., Northeast Dental Management and Great Expressions Dental Services. A private-equity firm owns Aspen Dental's management company. Aspen Dental operates approximately 350 offices in almost two dozen


A corporate office is the main office of an organization, also known as the corporate headquarters. Companies generally have only one corporate office, which is typically located in a large city for its greater business opportunities.


Corporate sales are the sales that a company makes to another company through its everyday transactions. Corporate sales are also called B2B sales, or business-to-business, sales. On the other hand, if sales are made directly to the end consumer, these are called business-to-consumer, or B2C, sales.


CLC Lodging, Creative Lodging Solutions and Sirva are a few companies that specialize in corporate lodging. These companies use a network of partners and volume-driven buying power to lower the costs associated with business travel.


A corporation license is essentially a business license for an incorporated business, allowing the business to act as a business entity, such as an LLC or full corporation. This license provides some legal protections to the owners, but it has limits to how extensively this protection applies.


Find information on the top 10 travel nursing companies at Travel Nursing Central and BluePipes. Blue Pipes also compares the top travel nursing companies according to both Highway Hypodermics and Travel Nursing Central.


About.com defines corporate house style as a set of guidelines used in companies and organizations of all types that governs punctuation, spelling, capitalization and other matters related to the readability and visual appearance of printed documents and web sites. A corporate style may follow an es


The most significant differences between S corporations and C corporations revolve around taxation and ownership. C corporations are designated by the IRS as separately taxable entities, while the profits and losses of S corporations are passed through to individual shareholders.