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A carotid endarterectomy is a surgical procedure to open or clean the carotid artery with the goal of stroke prevention. It is a durable procedure but not a cure; though rare, blockage can accumulate again.


The surgery to clear a blocked artery is called a carotid endarterectomy (CEA). If you have a blocked artery, you may wonder if you need a CEA. But if you haven’t had symptoms, you should think twice about having CEA surgery.


The artery that is being cleared will be clamped during the surgery, but blood will still reach the brain through the carotid artery on the other side of your neck.


Carotid artery surgery is a procedure to restore proper blood flow to the brain. ... Your doctor will have done one or more tests to see how much the carotid artery is blocked. Surgery to remove the buildup in your carotid artery may be done if the artery is narrowed by more than 70%.


In carotid endarterectomy, you receive a local or general anesthetic. Your surgeon makes an incision along the front of your neck, opens your carotid artery and removes the plaques that are clogging your artery. Then, your surgeon repairs the artery with stitches or a patch made with a vein or artificial material (patch graft).


The term vascular surgeon is really a misnomer because vascular surgeons do much, much more than conventional surgery. We diagnose the condition, we perform the duplex scans in our vascular laboratories, and we preform both carotid endarterectomy and carotid angioplasty and stent procedures.


If your carotid artery has plaque blockage of 70 percent or more, your doctors may recommend a carotid endarterectomy to clear the artery and restore blood flow to the brain. Carotid endarterectomy surgery takes place in a hospital, usually under general anesthesia. During the procedure, your surgeon makes an incision in your neck over the ...


Annually, the number of patients needed to treat (NNT) with surgery to prevent one stroke on the side of the blockage was 100. That means 99 out of 100 with carotid blockages have surgery without benefit. The problem, of course, is that surgery does not come free–the complication rate ranges from 2-3% in the best of hands.


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Our vascular specialists are experts in carotid stenosis surgeries: Carotid Endarterectomy is a traditional surgery to remove the plaque in a carotid artery. A small incision is made in the neck at the blocked or narrowed artery. The surgeon removes the plaque from the lining of the artery, and the vessel is stitched closed.