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Top 25 Longest Living Dog Breeds Dogs come to join the family as tiny pups though you will never know when it has become very much a part of the family. They are as much swayed by the emotions running in the family as anyone else out there, eventually proving to be one of the most loved and dependable members of the family.


One of the best predictors of a long, happy canine life is the quality of care provided to the dog, but there are other factors that come into play, particularly the dog’s breed.. Here is a list of the 10 dog breeds that live the longest, along with their average lifespans.


Some of the longest living breeds of dog have been known to have instances where they have lived 20 years or longer, although that is rare. That’s a pretty long time for a dog – it works out to be about 140 years old in human years!


Breeds that reach 10 to 25 pounds as adults tend to live the longest, according to Dr. Jon Woodman, a small-animal vet in the Twin Cities. ... Next: More top 10 longest-living dog breeds: Lhasa ...


But some breeds make the list for having an abnormally long life expectancy. In fact, there are records of dogs living well past 20-years-old. Although this list of the longest living dog breeds doesn’t contain the Australian Cattle Dog, the world record for the longest living dog is an ACD named Bluey.


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We all want to have many, many years with our beloved canine companions, so of course, it’s natural to seek out the top longest living dog breeds. There are several canine breeds that typically live long lives, which we’ll talk about below. Then there are dogs that exceed their breed’s ...


Finally, ranking #1 on the list of the longest living dog breeds is the New Guinea Singing Dog. This rare and largely wild breed has an average life expectancy of 18 – 20 years. The breed’s inclusion on this list is important for two reasons. First, though this dog is a wild breed, some have been successfully domesticated.


One of life's greatest tragedies is that our sweet, loyal, and furry pet companions don't live as long as we do. Our friends at FindTheBest put together a list of the longest-living dog breeds ...


But large dogs exhibit a wide range of average lifespans; some live for only 6 or 7 years on average, while the longest living large dog breeds routinely reach twice this age. In an attempt to enjoy their dog for as long as possible, many prospective owners seek out breeds with relatively long lifespans.