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Here is the list of top seven animals that are extinct. It’s a real pity that behind all the extinct animals, humans are responsible for their expatriation. Humans that were assumed to guard over the wildlife creatures, leads to the extinction of most, if not all, animals.


Some of the most famous extinct animals of recent times have been birds--but for every Passenger Pigeon or Dodo, there's a much bigger and much lesser-known casualty like the Elephant Bird or the Eastern Moa (and many other species remain endangered to this day).


Top 20 Endangered Animals. Articles Wild Animals. It is not a secret that human intervention into the world of nature makes many mammals and other animals disappear from the earth. Scientists estimate that around 137 species become extinct every day. This is at least 50 000 species per year; doesn't it give you the creeps? ... Back to top ...


Top 20 endangered animals in the world Or Rare animals list :- These days, when our planet faces a number of serious problems such as uncontrolled overpopulation, devastating pollution, and unprecedented climate change, more and more animals are becoming endangered and extinct.


Thousands of animal species are listed in the Endangered Species Act, but we found a few that you wouldn't expect to find on the brink of extinction. From household pets to garden pests, here are animals currently listed as endangered or threatened in the United States and around the world ...


Here are 10 extraordinary species of extinct animals. Find out what happened any why these beautiful creatures are now lost to the world. Close. ... Top 10 Extinct Animals. Top 10 Extinct Animals. ... Living in the Yangtze for 20 million years, their numbers declined drastically from the 1950s onwards. As China industrialised, the river was ...


The following are lists of extinct animals: . By region. List of extinct animals of Africa. List of extinct animals of Réunion; List of extinct animals of Asia. List of extinct animals of India


These Tigers are the "Most Endagered Animals in the World" and has made it on the Top Ten Most Endangered Species. Other wise in Scientific fact, We may can't save them in time before they perish, wipeout or vanish away... Tigers are extremely endangered too! Since We are only talking about 1 unique tiger.


Scroll further to know more about the list of extinct species. Top Ten Extinct Species ... The passenger pigeon or the wild pigeon is one of the recently extinct animals that had survived until early 20 th century. An origin of North America, it was one of the most abundant birds in the world during the 19th century. ...


20.Titanoboa. Titanoboa or the “titanic boa” were an extinct species of snake that lived 60-58 million years ago. Most noteworthy is the fact that the snake was 48feet long and weighed 2,500 pounds. Consequently making them the largest of the snake species that ever roamed the earth.