In 2015, Popsugar stated that unusual boy names were inspired by unique spellings of traditional names and reinterpreting Biblical and Greek names and from everyday modern words derived from current cultural trends. For ... More » Education

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Some names with unusual spellings include “Alexzandre,” “Dafydd,” “Jayceson” and “Zakkery” for boys, and “Cydnee,” “Emileigh,” “Jazzmyn” and “Myah” for girls, as listed by Parenting magazine. While these names are tradit... More » Education

Alexzandre, Ayden, Braedyn, Kolten, Konner, Kaleb, Josef, and Kristopher are some different spellings of popular names for boys. Jazmyn, Rebekkah, Emilee, Katherin, Raechal, and Abigayle are unique twists of common names... More » Education

Since names can have multiple spellings that are pronounced the same, it is impossible to spell check names using a word processor or online service. However, baby name websites can help narrow the list of popular spelli... More »